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Seenigama, Hikkaduwa

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Before the tsunami, the southern coast of Sri Lanka all along Seenigama was subject to illegal coral mining, with generations of villagers breaking off coral from the reef to be burnt into quicklime and as a result the coral reef all along the Galle District’s coast was severely depleted. The damage caused to the reef was a key reason for the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami having had such a powerful impact along the South Coast.

And at the heart of our commitment to marine conservation Sri Lanka, the Seenigama Reef in Hikkaduwa lies a groundbreaking initiative: coral restoration. Our dedicated dive team has taken direct action towards coral reef protection by restoring the coral population, fostering a flourishing environment for marine biodiversity in Sri Lanka. In an endeavor to involve our community and extend the love for conservation, we introduce a truly unique gift-giving opportunity.

Honor your loved ones in a special way by naming a coral nubbin after them. This heartfelt gesture not only symbolizes your affection for those dear to you but also leaves a lasting impact on the underwater world. When you gift a named coral nubbin, you become a part of the restoration journey, contributing to the growth and prosperity of the reef ecosystem. Our team will carefully nurture and monitor the named coral, ensuring its thriving presence on the reef.

Join us in our endeavor to make a meaningful difference in marine conservation in Sri Lanka by restoring the coral reefs that have been destroyed over the years. Give the gift of a named coral nubbin and be a steward of positive change for Seenigama Reef and the incredible marine life it sustains.

DIVE FOR GOOD is an initiative of the Goodness Getaways by the Foundation of Goodness Sri Lankan which is committed to creating a profound impact on rural communities. With every excursion and adventure, you embark upon, you contribute to their development, as all proceeds go towards education, healthcare, and sustainable livelihood programs of the Foundation of Goodness. Your journey becomes a beacon of hope, empowering individuals, and uplifting communities.

100% of all proceeds go towards the many rural empowerment projects by the Foundation and will help empower thousands of beneficiaries across the country!

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