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Before the tsunami, the southern coast all along Seenigama was subject to illegal coral mining, with generations of villagers breaking off coral from the reef to be burnt into quicklime and as a result the coral reef all along the Galle District’s coast was severely depleted. The damage caused to the reef was a key reason for the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami having had such a powerful impact along the South Coast. While the coral mining ban was imposed more severely post-tsunami, we knew that it was only a matter of time before the locals returned to their traditional livelihood unless an alternate means of income was provided. This lead to the free-of-charge training offered through the Diving & Training Centre.

In the Dive for Good program, our adept divers utilize advanced technology to restore coral reefs while ensuring proper reporting and maintenance of coral growth. Their expertise accelerates the natural recovery of damaged colonies, enhancing biodiversity and reef resilience. Diligent monitoring guarantees ongoing reef health, fostering sustained growth. We aim to raise awareness and inspire global marine conservation efforts, sharing knowledge to safeguard these vital ecosystems for future generations.

We invite you to visit you and your tour group or company to visit Dive Centre and learn about our projects or be part of our different ocean conservation projects.

Beach Cleaning

2km from Werellana to Pareliya

Seabed cleaning

40kg, 2 divers

DIVE FOR GOOD is an initiative of the Goodness Getaway by the Foundation of Goodness Sri Lankan which is committed to creating a profound impact on rural communities. With every excursion and adventure, you embark upon, you contribute to their development, as all proceeds go towards education, healthcare, and sustainable livelihood programs of the Foundation of Goodness. Your journey becomes a beacon of hope, empowering individuals, and uplifting communities.

100% of all proceeds go towards the many rural empowerment projects by the Foundation and will help empower thousands of beneficiaries across the country!

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