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Everyday is an opportunity to bring kindness and compassion to everything we do, from the bags we carry, to the gifts we give. We are always seeking ways to be able to help someone who could use a little bit of unconditional kindness in their lives.

All of the revenue generated directly contributes to improving the living conditions of the area's residents.


The Foundation of Goodness is a holistic rural development model that seeks to bridge the urban-rural divide in Sri Lanka via 10 empowerment divisions.

Shop Goodness is an initiative by the Foundation of Goodness. Shop goodness is a space where every product is crafted with love and care by rural villagers who have benefitted from the many different programs and projects by the Foundation of Goodness

We See Each Purchase As,

An opportunity to empower and uplift the lives and rural communities

A way to help up-skill and support the empowerment programmes across the Village Heartbeat Empowerment Centres around the country

Taking Sri Lankan talent and craft around the world.

Our Values


We believe that rural communities have the creativity, talent and drive to success. We aim to empower them by providing them with the skills, Knowledge and the platform to reach a wider audience.


We are committed to creating a sustainable growth that benefits the makers and their communities, the future beneficiaries of the FoG as well as the environment


We value the importance of community and believe that people thrive when they are connected. We aim to create a supportive community that brings together makers, experts, donors and consumers across the world.


We believe in being transparent in our practices and processes. We aim to foster trust with both our makers, donors and customers by providing clear and honest information about all our products.


We believe that everyone should have access to the same opportunities and recourses. We aim to promote fairness in all aspects of our business, including pricing, marketing and distribution.

Our Projects

The Dress for Good Initiative

Just over a year ago, the women at the Women’s Empowerment Centre at the Foundation were approached by designer Inosha from at Sahana Byron Bay in Australia. Inspired by Inosha's vision, to assist these women in generating a stable income while acquiring essential skills, the Dress for Good Initiative was brought to life.

The women who were part of the program also learned valuable life skills as they've learned how to talk about their creations and make things to promote their clothes. All of this has boosted their confidence and given them a better chance to do well in life.

With these skills, they are ready to thread their way through the fabric of life, each stitch a potential masterpiece of success and a symbol of empowerment.

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Corporate and bulk orders can also be undertaken.

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